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Distancing Challenge  2020

Endurance México


MAY 1ST TO JUNE 30TH, 2020




In the face of the Covid19 quarantine and aware that our horses cannot stop being ridden, Endurance Mexico launches this call to encourage the international equestrian community to continue to be motivated to train with their horses while maintaining distance precautions between riders. The challenge is to set a distance goal and comply with the necessary training to achieve it and thus obtain as a Medal recognition for this 2020 Distance Challenge medal. 

The objective is to continue training our horses and add kilometers during May and June. The challenge is launched for binomials and the commitment of each participant with himself, that is to say, there will be no specific winners, but each one will achieve or not their own goal and is subject to the truthfulness of the rider's information.

Endurance Mexico invites:

1. Binomials that have paid their annual Endurance Mexico registration.

2. Non-associated binomials interested in participating

3. Fans of the international equestrian community


Costs International Riders:

USA & Canada:                 mxp$1,500.  approx usd$62
Latin America:                  mxp$1,900.  approx usd$78
Europe:                              mxp$2,000.  approx  eur$76
Pacific & Asia (NZ, AUS, JAP, CHN etc)      mxp$2,500.  approx  usd$102

 Fees include Shipping.


1. A competitor will enter with one horse. The registration is by pairing, if the rider wants to record kilometers with another horse, he must register as a second pairing.

2. Competitors will use an app or device that records and clearly marks the number of killometers traveled. Phone or watch app suggestions:
 Garmin, Polar, Apple Watch, Suunto, Hylofit, Strava, Relive, equisense, Polar, ReiterApp, Equilab, Gallopica and Endomondo.

3. Once the training is finished, the competitor will register the kilometers in the Endurance Mexico internet address and upload a screen photo of the app or program that clearly shows those kilometers completed.

4. In case of any doubt or question about the veracity of the information, the competitor's word will be taken as true, with the understanding that each participant will take this challenge personally.

5. Any pair that manages to ride at least 100km in that 2-month period will be awarded a 100km medal. Any pair that manages to travel 250km in that 2-month period will be awarded a 250km medal.

6. Competitors may withdraw from the challenge at any time, without any repercussion but without refund of registration.

Special Invitation

Riders are invited to abide by the FEI rules and guidelines of equestrian endurance, among other very important considerations:

- That the average speed does not exceed 20 kms / hr

- That no spurs, fuets or any other type of aid are used with the exception of the legs and the voice.

- That prohibited drugs are not used or that they put horses at risk.

- Hydrate and take care of the equine.

- That any horse with symptoms of fatigue or lameness should be withdrawn from training.

- That a helmet and general equipment suitable for both rider and horse be used.

Concerning COVID19

We invite all participants to abide local COVID19 rules and maintain proper distancing between riders.

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